TH Green Valley, the promise of living in an Urban forest

Last Friday, November 25, 2022, we start this avant-garde proposal, strategically designed in the heart city: Santiago de los Caballeros, where it seeks to integrate the flora with the urban aspect of this beautiful developing area and provide superior experiences for the inhabitants.

The complex integrates earth colors, a recreation area, and excellent amenities for those seeking a style of comfort, surrounded by pure nature. Green Valley has 8 apartment blocks, shopping plaza, recreation area, gazebo, swimming pool, yoga area, common green area and private green area.

We thank our Excellency Mr. President and all those present on this memorable day, where thousands of conjugated elements make this great project possible today.

Grupo Therrestra and Therrestra Urbana guarantee the seal of perfection and excellence that characterizes them.

This First Palace of "TH Green Valley" is not an individual project. It belongs to a larger chain, where it will generate jobs, boost the country's economy, and most important of all, this project belongs to a greater good: to my beloved Dominican Republic.

-Eng. Hugo Perez Ovalles.

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