Costa Uvero Apartments – Progress

Status – Project under construction

Excellent project located on the beachfront completely exclusive.

The existing complex has 5 buildings of 3 levels, plus 1 mezzanine level, with 6 apartments each, for a total of 30 apartments. Each of these buildings has a 382 m² construction footprint. A new building will be added to this existing complex (with 6 apartments), in addition to another that will have 24 apartments, developing in a footprint of 2,305 m² of construction, with 3 levels and a mezzanine level. Thus, the complex will have a total of 60 apartments, with a total of 150 rooms (72 rooms in the independent buildings + 78 rooms in the new block).

If you want to see the progress of our project go to the progress section and enjoy step by step each of the progress of the construction.

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