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When investing in a property, many people choose to make the purchase in plans, since they are acquiring a project through the design and construction plan.

Currently, this modality has become one of the most sought after in the real estate market; therefore, they help planning both time and money.

Some of the many reasons for buying flat are:

  • Economy: The client has the facility to plan the initial payment and thus can buy at the current price.
  • Design: The property in plan adapts to the modernity of the moment with first class finishes, as well as our projects, TH Arenas, Costa Uvero Apatments projects in plans and under construction.
  • Investment: The commercial value of the property increases over time, and even more if it is in an excellent location.
  • Guarantee: Making your purchase in plans gives you the guarantee of knowing that what will be delivered will be exactly what you bought, since there is a commitment between the construction company and the owner.

The market evolves and with it the world of construction, Therrestra Urbana is at the forefront with unique designs and top quality finishes completely guaranteed.

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