Color Psychology: White

It is curious how precisely what is considered as "the King of tones" in interior design is precisely what we can refer to as "absence of color". And it is precisely that its virtue: as it is a neutral color looks good in any environment and "home" with everything, with any other color, with any material, with any shape ...

The White in itself it is the sum or synthesis of all the colors: it is pure light, like the sun that is refracted in the thousand colors of the rainbow. What positive qualities, symbolizes purity, neatness, order and innocence, and generates a general feeling of calm, peace and tranquility. At Feng shui white has a healing, disinfectant and bactericidal power, increases organic activity, causing an additional charge of energy and shine.

What negative qualities, used in excess symbolizes nothingness, emptiness, a sign of desolation and low energy. For many people, in its purest form (snow white) it is also a cool color ("hospital white"), which is why it is often killed with a little ocher to achieve a softer tone.

And it is that within the White color, despite being a neutral tone, there are also nuances: When mixed with ocher the so-called off white or White bone, pulling towards the warm range. When mixed with blues, you get grayish whites, pulling towards the cold range.

If you consider decorate in white an entire environment, you must be careful not to over-illuminate it, as its effect is multiplied. In addition, it is less suitable in cold climates (unless combined with wood or other warm tones), in places where people do not know each other, in student rooms, waiting rooms and children's bedrooms. Snow white is perfect for styles minimalistScandinavian Y shabby chic, in which it is a sign of identity. In the first one, it is used at will, only killed with a bright color in a specific piece of furniture. In the second, it serves as a base for walls and furniture to be mixed with light woods and gray tones. And in the third it is used mainly in furniture and painted wooden floors, often with a worn spot.

Tip for decorate in white: In general, if you are passionate about white and bright environments, we recommend that you mix it with a light wooden floor (ash, pickled oak) and with a touch of color in the accessories, to create a cozy atmosphere and avoid the coldness caused for completely white environments.

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